Off time: What to do during an injury period

Its been quiet way too long on my blog. The main reason is that I’m unfortunately off from my mountainbike due to a strain injury in my lower arm..
I have struggled to accept it so after a try out riding my bike, I suffered a drawback. So now I’m treated by a fysio therapist and working hard untill the muscle is fully recovered!

Right, so I have loads of time watching some great videos on GMBN (GLobal Mountainbike Network). Martyn Ashton and his ‘assistants’ are doing an excellent job to tell you about all the ‘off season’ changes, for instance team changes of riders. Check GMBN – Global Mountainbike Network for a brilliant new video every single day. On top of this there is the “Dirt shed show”, which is one of the most entertaining programs about mountain biking. Check this channel and subcribe!

So what I’d doing now is keeping fit (road bike and gym), getting new equipment (new Bikeyoke Revive dropper: see picture) and changing the bike setting. I asked Frank from Voorvork Service Pennekamp to travel my Rockshox suspension 170mm Lyrik back to 160mm, to have both front and rear the same travel. (Picture attached as well).
I cannot wait to get back on the bike to test new equipment and fork. Keep you posted and ride a lap on my behalf!