MTB Flow riding a gap jump

With JVDL designs trying a new gap jump. After sliding into the previous old take off, we hand build a new lip with wood and hands, which worked out well in the end. Thanks to John for the little edit as well!


Last weekend was my trip to the brilliant all weather & varied BikePark Wales. During these days I experiences sunshine with wet surface, a full on storm where the top part closed and a mixed day of horizontal rain. Riding flowy trails with technical sections, is what I genuinely enjoy. […]

Jumping with Friso & Lino

This weekend a third jumping skills session with Friso, who was joined by Lino. Focussing on the details of their “pop” off the lip, they are progressing with their jumping skills. After a couple attempts both cleared this double into the landing! To be continued..

Jumping skills training with Friso

Whilst riding jumps and perfecting it, a number of skills come together. Like timing, body position (Take off, air time and landing) and looking where you go. The young lad Friso has lots of control during take off and air time. The landing needs a bit more attention to always […]