Jumping with Friso & Lino

This weekend a third jumping skills session with Friso, who was joined by Lino. Focussing on the details of their “pop” off the lip, they are progressing with their jumping skills. After a couple attempts both cleared this double into the landing! To be continued..

Jumping skills training with Friso

Whilst riding jumps and perfecting it, a number of skills come together. Like timing, body position (Take off, air time and landing) and looking where you go. The young lad Friso has lots of control during take off and air time. The landing needs a bit more attention to always […]

IXS Downhill Winterberg 2018

Last weekends race was a an amazing experience. Riding the IXS track in Winterberg on my Last Bikes Coal, was great fun and an great confidence built up! Check the bottom bit of the tack, catching some slower riders. Ride on

Trail- Enduro clinic @ bikepark Kleve

A couple of weeks back an Trail-enduro clinic with a couple of motivated lads, Wannes & Hans. To finish of a fun day, we practiced some table jumps on one of the short and flows lines. After correcting the the attack position on the take off, which only slightly changes […]