Skills to ride a rock garden

In de afgelopen tijd heb ik Malik Elmans een aantal uren aan zijn downhill skills gewerkt. In het begin is het even zoeken naar de best manier dat hij skills het snelst oppakt. Na een aantal training is het duidelijk dat Malik het snelste leert door er voor of achter […]

Enduro Clinic with Fred

About a month ago I did an Enduro skills training with Fred. He wanted to accelerate his bike handling skills in technical terrain on his Nikolai bike..Never ridden any switch backs and after a couple of ‘dry’excercises he gave it a go. Well done Fred. Check out this video.

Skills course @ Filthy Trails

Last weekend I have done a skills course with Paul Rueijerse at the Bike park Filthy Trails. A great day to improve Paul’s skills, tweaking his body postion on the bike whilst cornering and jumping. At the end chased him on one of the flowy trails. Great fun and improvements […]

Jump session in Kleve

Coming back from a strain injury in my left arm, I’m building up strength to get back in shape. Following Saturday’s clinic with Marcel, I wanted to pracitice my jumping skills again. Because Kleve has a great variety on offer, I decided to get out there again and ride.. Seems […]