City Downhill Nijmegen

Last weekend I raced the City Downhill of Nijmegen. Previously I did’t get any flow on riding stairs, but things have changed. A different mindset did help a lot and this time I had fun! Speed whilst riding stairs helps.. Out of the 85 riders, the 15 fastest would qualify […]

Bike Motion 2016

The every year returning cycling sports exhibition, Bike Motion, is a great way to socialize with cycling minded companies. This years’ event was a great socializing experience. Chatting to lots of people about pump tracks (Icycle), great new bike developments (Box one), BMX(tracks) and off course riding mountain bikes! This […]

Crash with style!

There is a skill in mountainbiking a lot of people neglect. Tumbling skills.. According to James Wilson there are 2 types of mountainbikers: The ones that crash and the other ones that will crash. I cannot agree more on this subject. We do not want to go out the front […]

IXS Downhill Ilmenau 2016

The past weekend I was racing downhill in Ilmenau near Erfurt at the IXS Downhill Cup. One of the most challenging tracks of the German cup, with loads of jumps, roots, rocks, berms, etc. Full of action. A couple of the inevitable crashes but rode the qualifier and final in […]

Eindfeest Mini Downhill 2015 in Wood 15

Komende zaterdag is het eindfeest van de Mini Downhill in Wood 15. Aan het begin van de middag (ca. 13.30u) ga ik er heen om onder meer de pump track (Icycle) te rijden. Bij deze nodig ik jullie uit naar deze gave locatie te komen. Ik geef jullie aanwijzingen bij […]

Bikemotion 2015 in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Gisteren naar de Bikemotion 2015 in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht geweest. Onder andere vanwege de Icycle pumptrack bij de Cube stand (voor de test-track). Dit is de track die Joost Wigman voor de World Series pumptrack 2016 gebruikt. Het wereldrecord staat op 7.267 sec! Pumptracks zijn fun, super goed voor je […]